Arson Attack on new Kids Play Area

arsonKids have been left devistated by a mindless act of vandilism within the Wells Community. At around 19:55 last night (Saturday 5th November) a fire was spotted within the new structure of the kids play area.

The alarm was raised and fire crews arrived within 10 minutes. When the fire department arrived, the structure was fully ablaze. The concequence now is that the new structure now has to be demolished, to the disgust of the whole community.

A CrowdFund page has been set up and at the time of creating this article has reached over £2000!

You can donate by CLICKING HERE

If anyone knows anything, or saw anything they are urged to call crime stoppers on 0800 555 111

Below shows photos of the extent of the damage that was caused along with 2 videos of the fire and the ITV news reel.

     Arson Photo Courtesy of Liz Ramsay



Below Photos and Videos Courtesy of Matthew Hartnett

Below Video Courtest of ITV WestCountry