Victoria, Lauren & Amy are doing an awesome thing for charity!

189effff-96b9-4edd-b0ce-b36a987b7b09The trio have decided to do something amazing for both Heads Up via The Rotary and The Little Princess Trust. Each donating at least 7 inches of hair to create wigs for children who suffer from hair loss.

Victoria, Lauren and Amy will be having this done on December 2nd at Glamour & Grooming Bar on Union Street, not only will they be cutting their hair but they'll be styling it too as a thank you.

Whoever raises the most money between the three of them gets to cut the donated hair from the other two fundraisers.

Amy who is a student at Wells Blue School said "I first learnt about donating hair when my friend donated hers in year 6 and I knew it was something I wanted to do as well. I have been growing my hair for four years so that I can donate it to The Little Princess Trust to support young boys and girls who have lost their hair through alopecia or chemotherapy. Cancer is something that affects everyone's lives but it is particularly hard to watch a child suffer."

About 12 months ago Amy started to develop alopecia. The gap in her hair grew to about the size of a 10 pence piece. She said "I used to wear my hair in a side parting in the hope that no one would notice. Thankfully, with the use of steroids, my hair began to grow back and after a year has now recovered. The only reminder is a short tuft of hair that I keep pinned back."

The trio said in their write-up "The reason we chose to use The Little Princess Trust is because they custom make the wigs for each child, meaning that they are as comfortable as possible. Not all wig charities do this."

Other reasons they state also include;

  • They are the only UK based charity who don’t take a profit from hair donation.
  • They never sell the hair under any circumstances.
  • The wig is cut and styled exactly as the child wants it, meaning that they can have the choice on how they look.
  • They also provide wigs for boys, not just girls.

Any money kindly donated will go to the 'Heads Up' charity which supports people with dementia; something that is close to all of our hearts. Please click here to donate

Well done Victoria, Lauren and Amy! Wells is behind you all the way!