Uh Oh, it’s coming.. the dreaded ‘C’ word!

7574998_origIt has come around so quickly, but we all know Wells loves a good Christmas. And with such an awesome community, I would hazard a guess that this year is going to be even more spectacular than before!

No doubt Queen Street will be getting into the festive period soon, those amazing lights and dazzling decorations. Not to mention the reindeer parade, the amazing display out of the front of The Swan Hotel and I also hear that Heritage Courtyard will be making a fantastic display too!

But what about the small businesses that shouldn't be forgotten? How can we all help them? We also have a Facebook Community Page (as well as out Like page) that seems to have 'sliped' through the net. A fab tool for all locals to advertise to eachother about their shops, events and any community projects. Why not visit the page and join up, get noticed. Click Here to visit the page

Dates for your diary:

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