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Warning if you’re traveling between Wells and Glastonbury!

Anyone traveling between Wells and Glastonbury may find themselves waiting about for some time! Roadworks are being redone along Glastonbury Road  where the road sinks from time to time, but the traffic lights that are controlling the traffic each way are both stuck on RED! The queues one way reach as far back as Coxley …

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Globe Carnival Club

Globe Carnival club – follow us on face book – Twitter and our main website we hold lots of events throughout the year , were a great bunch of people, dedicated to bringing out a cart in November to entertain the crowds of somerset. If you have an interest in joining then please contact us …

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Our first post!

  We all have to start somewhere, so here it is! So what is There are a few ‘local’ websites which offer pages of information for our city, but they all seem to be run from a franchise and have no particular interest in being run for locals. I am a local, I live …

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