Nov 28 2016

Warning if you’re traveling between Wells and Glastonbury!

Anyone traveling between Wells and Glastonbury may find themselves waiting about for some time! Roadworks are being redone along Glastonbury Road  where the road sinks from time to time, but the traffic lights that are controlling the traffic each way are both stuck on RED! The queues one way reach as far back as Coxley …

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Nov 23 2016

What is the Wells Neighbourhood Plan and why should you care?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a new way for local communities to have more say about the future of where they live and work. Nationally, the legislation around this is supported by the Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem and Green parties. Once a Neighbourhood Plan has been set up communities will be able to:        …

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Nov 23 2016

Victoria, Lauren & Amy are doing an awesome thing for charity!

The trio have decided to do something amazing for both Heads Up via The Rotary and The Little Princess Trust. Each donating at least 7 inches of hair to create wigs for children who suffer from hair loss. Victoria, Lauren and Amy will be having this done on December 2nd at Glamour & Grooming Bar …

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Nov 20 2016

Wells did brilliantly in the Poppy Appeal 2016!

Last year in Wells £20,369.30 was raised for The Royal British Legion, but we have cracked that this year! An absoutely valiant effort, it just shows that even a small city like Wells can have a huge understanding on the  importance of such a grand appeal. As always, its an organisers dream of breaking new …

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Nov 19 2016

Wells Carnival 2016

Wells Carnival started on time lastnight at 7pm despite the heavy rain. But that didnt stop thousands attending to watch some of the huge and fantastic floats! Some of the floats were amazing, every year it amazes me that we can have such a wonderful, bright event in our city.         The …

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Nov 17 2016

Do you have any news to share?

Since the closure of the Wells Journal facebook page, their website and offices, Wells news isn't being published online as much.  We know they have opened Somerset Live to distribute news, but having to trawl through all of the posts to see just the news from Wells just doesnt cut it. We believe in making people aware …

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Nov 08 2016

Uh Oh, it’s coming.. the dreaded ‘C’ word!

It has come around so quickly, but we all know Wells loves a good Christmas. And with such an awesome community, I would hazard a guess that this year is going to be even more spectacular than before! No doubt Queen Street will be getting into the festive period soon, those amazing lights and dazzling decorations. …

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Nov 06 2016

Arson Attack on new Kids Play Area

Kids have been left devistated by a mindless act of vandilism within the Wells Community. At around 19:55 last night (Saturday 5th November) a fire was spotted within the new structure of the kids play area. The alarm was raised and fire crews arrived within 10 minutes. When the fire department arrived, the structure was fully ablaze. …

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Oct 28 2016

Would you like to be able to post on the City Of Wells Facebook Page?

If you are a local organisation you can creat your own posts and events on the City Of Wells facebook page! Just message us and we will organise you your own log in details to our website. All of your articles will be automatically published to our page!

Jan 13 2015

Advertise on the CityOfWells website for FREE!

Advertise on CityOfWells for Free! Thats right! For the next 12 months we are offering advertising on our website for FREE! All free adverts will be in the same place for the duration of this offer. We will be hosting premium areas for anyone who wishes to take up these areas! We will also be …

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